My Shopping List

My Shopping List 1.6.1

Unlimited, free tool for creating and managing shopping lists

My Shopping List is a simple list management software to track shopping lists but it can be customized to track other simple lists as well. It maintains a master list for easy reference to create a current list on-the-fly. Both lists can be saved in file together with selection status and any picture or photo file assignment. Lists and labels can be customized to reflect other items other than grocery list.

Features include:

  • Quick and easy shopping list creation from master list
  • Editable master and current lists
  • Assignment of photo files and quantity
  • Configurable Photo Viewer program file
  • Customizable labels; allow tracking more than just grocery lists and in different languages
  • Lists are stored using simple TAB delimited text file; edit the file quickly with your PC and transfer it back!
  • It's a freeware!

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My Shopping List


My Shopping List 1.6.1